Friday, 31 December 2010


Well this is the plan…..

DE CLUTTER & ECONOMISE! – That is I must not start a new project till I have finished the last one!!!

This way I will always have the correct needles to hand; as one won’t always be stuck in an unfinished bit of knitting and I won’t have to go and buy new ones!

BE ORGANISED -Plan my gifts well in advance, not knitting through a very long and well intentioned list of last minute hats, scarves, socks, sweaters and pom poms ON Xmas eve, while wrapping presents, decorating tree, cancelling friends and missing out on drinky-poo get togethers and general merriment!

SO check here for 'planning ahead' new baby gifts, pals birthday pressy ideas, Mothers day specials and Easter offerings. Berate me loudly if I break this one!!!

GET MORE EXERCISE, a usual New Year cry, but mine is to get off my fat bum and walk over to the table and measure my knitting project properly on a flat surface and not to bite the yarn off with my teeth as I cant be bothered to get up to find the scissors.

ps I Could write a book on the short cuts and excuses I find to remain tethered to the couch!

Oh! And on that note! NOT to be seduced by the cosy Slouchs, this years ultimate Xmas gift, basically a sofa throw with sleeves so I can carry on knitting!]

Am returning this gift!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Even Bella can do it!!!
Quick to knit! Knit it tonight, One ball of Big wool [Rowan] and Big needles.
Great last minute gift!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Not sure why I am thinking about blankets today! Pause for hilarity! Only minus 4 outside and we don't do snow in Brighton, Maybe post traumatic trip from yorkshire last night, cold slow and dark! So got to thinking that if we got everyone knitting on the train, and believe me theres time on each trip at the moment, we each knitted a square, not only will we keep warm, and occupied, we can produce about 20 cosy blankets per trip....... to be handed out to hapless returning commuters as we disembark?
Or else stay home and knit!!!!!! Cosy up and knit cushions, socks, hats, scarfs, and throws to comfort, cossett and caress our little frozen selves.